SIMEX, Prague

Trading Agents - Manufacturer´s - Representatives - Consultants

SIMEX is a private company established in 1990. The company was founded by a group of professionals experienced in foreign trade and related consulting activities. It inherited the name and the majority of the business contacts of the well known SIMEX, Foreign Trade Co., Prague.

SIMEX offers a broad range of professional services to domestic and foreign organizations, including:

  • Foreign trade services.
  • Full trading facilities and technical assistance in conducting business in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe.
  • Manufacturer s and business s representations.
  • Search and liaison services for business and joint venture partners.
  • Assistance to foreign investors in the privatization process in the Czech and Slovac Republics.
  • Specialized studies and analysis of trade, industry, and domestic laws.
  • Evaluation of technology and RD.

The services we provide are tailored toward the needs and requirements of each individual client and project assignment.

SIMEX is prepared to work with you for the realization of a profitable and long term business relationship. We will respond to your request in a timely and professional manner.

For additional information, or with your request, please contact us at the above listed address or telephone.


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